Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I had an auto accident on Saturday. Fortunately, I made it out with no more than a couple bruises.:)  Unfortunately, I’m stuck in Wichita until Tuesday & my search for a home to purchase is on hold indefinitely, and the 60 hour weeks I’m working are a total wash. Everything happens for a reason, and I will pick up and go on. I could use some warm thoughts and encouragement. What scares me the most is the response I’m sure to receive from my parents. So glad I’m 34 years old & don’t answer to anyone but myself. Riiight.


4 thoughts on “Oopsie

  1. 60 hours a week is a lot to deal with (it was that comment of yours on Musing’s blog that made me check out what you’d written about it here). An accident on top of that? I would have been completely incoherent by now.

    I tend to worry a lot about what my parents will do or say as well. Last year, when I got fired from my job, I didn’t tell my parents until 7 months later. Rationalising it by telling myself that I would find a new job soon, or have the court verdict saying it wasn’t my fault, and I didn’t want to tell them bad news without some good news as well, because otherwise they’d just worry endlessly. Of course in the end, the lie hurt them much more. So all of that is just to tell you that I understand how you feel.

    I’m sorry I didn’t get here sooner (need to check email settings) to give you the warm thoughts and encouragement you asked for. And I’m not entirely sure if I’ve managed to do that even now that I’m here. But I think you deserve a big bunch of flowers just for getting through this. GO YOU!

    • Besides the vehicle and $ situation, things are going pretty well. Ceste la vive(hope I spelled right). Anyway, it’s temporary and very annoying, but no worse!
      The parental situation sounds familiar. I’ve learned to set boundaries with them & say my life, my problem, my choice. We can be more open if and when they are ready.
      Thanks for your concern and warm regards. It does really help keep me hopeful!
      I’ll try to finish writing my nutshell tonight.

      • Nutshell always reminds me of a fairytale I read once, of a tiny little girl who lived in a nutshell and got carried around in her nutshell in the pocket of a normal child and it always seemed like such a warm comforting home to me.

      • That does sound comforting. I think of nutshell because I’m trying to summarize, which is difficult for me, and sometimes I feel like a nut. A cozy pocket sounds much better, though.

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