My week in the smallest nutshell I can fit it in

Here goes: Saturday morning, I had a car accident, & totaled the vehicle (which I had barely begun to pay for).  Monday, I a bought a hoopdie, as a stopgap. Thursday night, I found myself stranded at roadside by my new hoopdie. At that point, I had reached my absolute limit to tolerate another piece of drama. I had no way home (I commute 60 miles). the officer who eventually arrived, asked what I wanted to do, and I had no idea how to respond, other than “I want to go home”. I knew this was not possible, but had no other answers. I was on my phone with my husband, crying, despairing about how to get home, as every part of me literally ached to be with my family. I had begun to draw into myself, and was having a severe panic attack. From my perspective, it seems the officer should have realized something was not quite right at that point.  He said I could not get home, & asked where he could drop me off nearby. I had him take me to the home, where I work. It was raining a bit, and I spread the clothes in my bag on the ground behind the house, and lay down to rest. Obviously, that did not work, my mind wouldn’t slow down, and the pervasive thinking won out. I left all my stuff, including my phone, and began walking east. I got a few miles down the road, then collapsed when I could walk no further. 

to be continued…


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