Other half of the nutshell

While I was walking, I spoke with an owl, and he spoke back, but I didn’t know what he said due to his limited vocabulary. “Who’s on first.?”

I also began to do what I can only describe as dissociation. The two sides of my personality really went at it. I surmise that this is due to my upbringing being at odds with my nature. Hessia is a powerful and implacable with a wry wit. Fae is whimsical, flighty, empathic, and goofy.  Hessia was irritated by Fae chattering nervously, and kept saying, “get out of my head, you goofy bitch”.  Fae was too bothered by the situation to think straight.  I lay down along Kellogg. No one stopped until some pedestrians happened upon me. I was pretty delirious at that point, & asked them to call 911.  The police arrived: two young men who alternated between good cop/bad cop, as if that were necessary.   They drove me to the hospital, where I waited in the freezing ER on an uncomfortable bed for what seemed like forever, dozing fitfully.  At one point, I went to the nurses station to ask for water, explaining that I hate call lights because I am a nurse. Now, ER nurses are made a Burt rougher and tougher than the rest of us. Not my milieu.   Anyway, there was  one of those nurse judgy’s there who asked me where I work, so I told her. Then she said, “well,  I hope you don’t ignore call lights there.”  I simply explained that we don’t have call lights, and walked away. This makes me so mad, the assumption that anyone who may get Overwhelmed sometimes is lazy or uncaring. I’ve been fortunate enough to obtain a job which allows me to focus my attentions on one person, and I’m very good at.  Eventually, I was transferred to the “assessment center” with a warm room, a little love seat which felt much better than the ER bed, and caring, compassionate nurses. Thanks Linda.


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