The vacation is on and has been, predictably, rife with challenges: poor planning on my part (typical), expensive…but so worth it!  Fun. Was amazing, as always.  At one point, Nate pointed at my little guy on his daddy’s shoulders, & sang to us.  I told aspiehubby to keep the nut ward on speed dial, as I was having “My Morning Straightjacket” moment!  When my big guy got overstimulated & started to melt down, we were able to walk to the spring & pretend to be hobbits for a while.  Best of both worlds!

I’ve been thinking about something my mother said when she objected so strongly: “Do you think the medications you’re on are making you think you can do things you can’t?”  It’s becoming abundantly clear that, medication or no, I’m only now realizing what I can do!  She had me convinced that I just couldn’t do anything (right), so I basically stayed home for a decade.  This is somehow my hubby’s fault because “he drags (me) down”.  Huh?  News flash: my problems predated my relationship with a person who happens to share many of the same problems.

Counting my blessings.  So grateful we are finding the strength to cope & live life again!  Hoping she can do the same.




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