5 thoughts on “Going Pro?

  1. If you mean the people that leave you comments or messages through your blog: basically, assume they’re all scammers. Because why would they seek you out specifically? When you are thinking of going pro, you should be the one calling the shots and seeking out the services you need. Someone who offers you a deal out of the blue, without you asking for it, is only in it for their own benefit. (Same goes for door to door salesmen).

    • Thanks, I suspect as much, hence the question. I’m naturally skeptical of anyone in the money business. I find $$$ to be distasteful, in general. The details are just so vexing!

  2. Oh, I thought you meant more along the lines of advertising and other revenue. I had assumed that rejecting any offers in comments was a given.

    Consider having a look at one of timethief’s blogs: onecoolsitebloggingtips DOT com. (I’m writing it like that so spambots don’t try to harvest the URL; I hope this doesn’t confuse you.) I think her tips would probably be the best place to start; she’s a technical writer and therefore has the skills to share information in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

    I’m not a technical writer (I have difficulty writing in that style), but I do have some technical knowledge of computers and information technology in general, most specifically diagnostics, troubleshooting, and security. If you manage to digest what timethief has written and then yet need advice in that vein (she’s not an I.T. sort, but has kindly allowed me to comment as such), then I might be able to help you more. But I expect TT (as many call her) will have most of the advice you need.

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