Parent Teacher Conferences and the manstrual cycle

These are two unrelated topics, but it’s what’s going on, so here goes:

Parent teacher conferences were last week.  My eldest has struggled a great deal with curriculum over the years, mostly due to focus issues and difficulty with writing.  I was pleased to learn that he’s staying on track, and earning A’s and B’s.  My youngest, age 5, had the test administrator stop his reading eval- at the fourth grade level.  Why stop?!  Anyway, we are very proud.

What is the deal with the manstrual cycle?  Aspiehubby becomes very over sensitive and temperamental for about a week each month.  Chocolate cravings, too.  The whole works.  Funny thing is,  we don’t even flow together like proper homegirls.  His cycle runs one week behind mine.  If any readers have experience with manses, I would love to learn about your experiences.


One thought on “Parent Teacher Conferences and the manstrual cycle

  1. Interesting. I’ve read notions suggesting men might have hormonal cycles, but nothing specific. The only thing that is really analgous (and roughly so, at that) to the mense is the nocturnal emission, or “wet dream”.

    I have nothing that would qualify as a “manse”. Vitamin D (it’s a secosteroid, so it’s more of a hormone) deficiency and bipolar mood disorder is as close as I can get, which is not much. It’s a daily or weekly fluctuation at best, but not a monthly one. Very curious. My guess, if I had to hazard one, is that your husband is unconsciously sympathetic to your cycles, but why a week behind… no idea.

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