What had happened was…

So, now that it’s settled, I’ll regale you with my latest accident story.  I was heading home from work just after 2300.  Whilst entering the toll plaza to access the turnpike, in the K-tag lane, going the speed limit, I noticed a state trooper’s SUV heading directly toward my car a split second before impact.  As I attempted to correct and get stopped, the SUV struck my drivers side door.  The trooper had been pulling a U-turn from the other side of the toll plaza.  From what I can gather, he thought I had just backed out of the parking lot.  Now that is truly nuckin’ futs.


2 thoughts on “What had happened was…

  1. I saw no point in taking it to court. It would’ve gotten ugly & some lawyer would have just taken most of my $. I just took my little settlement. I guess this happens all the time.

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