I’ve been kind-of stuck, in general. That’s why I haven’t posted for a while. I’ve, perhaps foolishly, decided to abandon all of my vices in an attempt to afford moving closer to work.  My super trooper accident was settled (for a pittance).  I’ve slipped a bit,  buying three packs of cigarettes in two weeks (I was at a pack and a half a day).  Also, gone is the satellite. The good news- my 10-year-old’s sullen mood has brightened a bit.  The bad news- I’m a nervous wreck.  I’ve been in the process of purging my house, and reached an impasse.  The past few days I’ve only wanted to lie around with my nose in a book.  Aspiehubby may be getting some good word of mouth about his knife-sharpening skills, so he’s brightened some.  

btw: Is it ok for mestruation to last a month?


3 thoughts on “Update

  1. Oh dear! Are you okay? I don’t think bleeding for a month is normal or healthy. Are you able to see your physician or OB/GYN about this? I would say something like this needs medical attention, stat.

    Sorry I’ve been away– I’m still trying to rebuild my blogging contacts and I’m not sure where I put your feed. I’m using a new feed reader; I have blogs I’m following that are non-WP, so WP’s native reader doesn’t always serve.

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