Diagnostic Success!

Back in November, I received a surprise visit to my home from a social worker.  Apparently, my eldest son’s teacher had called DCF citing concerns about my son being excessively tired (due to a sinus infection which had already been treated), and alleged hygiene issues.  The social worker stated she saw no cause for concern and closed the case.  She did; however refer us to mental health services.  I arranged family counseling services, and we had our intake today.  When I arrived, the therapist with the port-wine stain seemed surprised I had brought the whole crew. Apparently it was supposed to be an intake for me, which no one had told me.  After explaining that ASD was the only diagnosis that made sense to me, and answering the standard questions, the jovial therapist with the port-wine stain stated that I’m clearly on the Autism Spectrum.  I would not allow myself to respond emotionally in the clinical setting (weird, I know).  Then I sat in my car and just had to cry a few minutes before I could start the engine.  I turned to my husband, and said,’finally, someone listens’.


4 thoughts on “Diagnostic Success!

  1. Hey, hadn’t seen you for a while… just was wondering what was up.

    This is a good thing, right? I’m having a hard time understanding “social worker” in a positive aspect because CPS finally decided to show up again; it’s more nonsense concerning Cimmorene and our son. Gah.

  2. I think it’s a good thing. we were pretty upset when a social worker showed up at our door, but we finally got referred to a shrink who listened and understood something about autism. We have a long road ahead, but at least it’s a start.

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