The Nightmare

This morning I woke from the strangest dream. My husband and I attended a “seminar” that turned out to be a pushy sales pitch for skin products. When the sales push started, I turned to my husband to suggest we leave, and found that he had wandered off. Worried he would fall for a sales pitch, I went in search for him. After what seemed like 3-5 years, I caught up with him. He had been brainwashed, and was a prisoner. The leader of the group had hundreds, maybe thousands of men prisoner. She was sending them to space and had them constructing a space station. When I found him, I started beating on him and called him a rube. I berated him for abandoning his family. At first he refused to leave. I calmed down, and used logic to convince him to leave. We escaped, then I woke up.
Just wondering if this means I nag too much.?


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