Days 3 and 4

Day Three:
I don’t really remember anything from this day. I was in a medically induced coma.

Day Four:
I vaguely recall regaining consciousness, people telling me where I was and the vent tube being pulled out. I remember pulling at the IV and NG tube, although I was not in control of my actions. H, my mother-in-law, and my mother. I won’t lie. I was straight pissed that I woke up. I had certainly not intended to. H says they visited in ICU a few hours. It seemed like a very short time. I must have told them I was angry about waking up. I saw my mother -in-law storm out. I still don’t know if it was me, or my Mother, she was so pissed at. Neither would surprise me. By evening, I was somewhat lucid, and very hungry. Hospital food is the shiznit! Had a salad and a big plateful of stir fry. They let me have pain meds, but my tolerance is very high.